Custom Design

How many of you yearn to stand out from the crowd? To have your style be 100% unique and tailored to fit your lifestyle and represent your truest self? Sometimes, we forget that clothing and accessories are a very powerful form of creative expression. A way of stepping out into your most authentic self. We may feel unworthy of giving ourselves the time to adorn our bodies and our space. Or we're so quick getting from point A to point B, we don't even have time to look in the mirror before running out of the house. I believe that style is a form of self care and we all deserve to look and feel not only beautiful, but like our very best selves. We deserve to give ourselves the time to dress up even if we have nowhere to go. At the end of the day, EVERYDAY is a special occasion and jewelry can be symbolic of being present in that energy. 

One of my favorite ways of guiding women in stepping into their most authentic selves is custom design work. Studio Soul specializes in custom jewelry. Whether it be a treat yourself item, a set for a specific occasion, a sentimental piece re-worked from a former favorite necklace, or gift for a loved one, we'll work together on creating something that you'll absolutely love. We can play!

Book a 30-60 minute phone consultation with myself, Soulie, owner and designer of Studio Soul to create a completely custom piece of jewelry. We will use our time getting to know one another, talking inspiration, and putting our creative brains together to co-design your very own Studio Soul one-of-a-kind piece of gem candy! The cost of your consultation will be used towards your custom jewelry and clients will pay the difference once we've nailed down design work.

Scroll through the site and get your creative juices flowing by gathering some inspiration images. We can pull design feature like gemstones, charms, color combos, chains, lengths, etc from current and previous work to create something unique and beautiful just for you or someone near and dear to you. This will be an ultra special and intimate experience and I so look forward to making your jewelry dreams a reality!

NOTE: For my lovely jewelry collectors, it's hard to stop at just one piece, I know! I'm always happy to collaborate on custom sets or add on as we go. Prices may increase depending on changes made to custom pieces. 

Let's get designing, baby!